A Decade Of Change Translates To Good News For Kids


In today's America, it can often seem like our biggest problems have become part of our way of life, and that they are simply here to stay. The woes of the American family top this list: for years divorce rates have climbed, and the family institution has at times appeared to be critically, and chronically, endangered.

But there's good news on the horizon. According to the most recent figures, the American family is on the rebound. And this is especially good news for our most valuable resource--our children.

As outlined in the recent article in USA Today, the past decade has shown promising signs of a resurgence in childbearing, along with a marked decline in divorce rates and an increase in two-parent households. These trends are vitally important, because children raised by both of their parents experience key advantages that go beyond financial stability, and include better educational and psychological outcomes.

For more details on these encouraging trends for our kids, take a few moments to read the recent feature article.


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