A New Generation Will Educate the World – HuffPost


Education is of the utmost importance in the struggle to defeat poverty, and thus one of the central tenets of the Billions Rising mission. In her latest Huffington Post blog, our founder Anita Casalina brings us up to date on three groundbreaking educational organizations founded by very young people.

Among them is Isaro Foundation, founded by Jean Leon Iragena, the youngest published writer in Rwanda. “My father, who was a mathematician, died when I was five,” he explains. “My mother had a very limited education, but she knew where the richness comes from – knowledge.” Iragena continues: “I found it difficult to find an editor and a publisher in Rwanda where society does not like to read and write.” Upon arrival to the U.S., he was struck by how much more literate American society was. This recognition inspired him to take action: “I began thinking about how I could take that culture to my country, ” he says.

Iragena wants Rwanda to become “the most educated nation in Africa”, and as part of its mission, the Isaro Foundation organizes reading and writing competitions, training for teachers, and sponsorships for young Rwandan writers. They’ve also recently partnered with Amazon to provide Kindles loaded with a variety of books.


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