A Token Of Respect: Mark Brand And MBI Of Vancouver


Food access is a vexing problem, especially in the inner cities, and small business has a critical role to play in providing workable solutions. We've seen scores of hopeful innovations in this area, many aimed at redirecting the tons of food that are wasted in our cities every day.

Entrepreneur Mark Brand knows what it's like to be hungry; he was once homeless himself. And as a chef, he has a unique perspective on the matter: “I believe that food is the conduit to love and to show people that we really deeply care about them and their success. And that every time we do the opposite, it is the opposite. It’s disrespecting people,” he explains.

Brand and his company MBI have created a program that allows people to buy meal tokens that can be redeemed for a healthy meal. The idea is to encourage people who don't like giving money to the needy, by eliminating the need to hand over cash. Creating the connection is the point – and so far it appears to be working. For more info, see the short article and video here.


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