About digitalundivided – Diversity in Tech

Technology is often seen as a domain of white males… but some organizations are thumbing their noses at the stereotype, and opening the field up for diversity. One such organization is digitalundivided.

"digitalundivided (DID) is a social enterprise that implements forward-thinking initiatives that increase the number of urban entrepreneurs, especially women, in the digital space."

Our mission is simple: to increase wealth within urban communities through engagement in the tech space.

While black companies receive less than 1 percent of all venture funding, 20 percent of our FOCUS Fellows have raised angel and venture funding. We reach over 6 million people via our #DIDTECHTALK series on Twitter. Over 500 urban entrepreneurs have been educated by our projects. How do we do this? Through the use of our evidence-based digitalundivided (DID) model.

The DID Model
The DID model is based on four key areas: START, GROW, FOCUS and INVEST. Entrepreneurs START with an idea, then GROW that idea into a company. With FOCUS, the idea becomes a business ready for funding and partnerships, and the success of the business allows us to then INVEST in other communities or START again with a new idea.

A workshop series focused on teaching urban entrepreneurs how to THINK BIG and turn their ideas into a product. Learn more about START »

A network of small groups and meet-ups that allow entrepreneurs to network and support each other through the development of their companies.

A program that mentors, develops and advises tech companies with black women as cofounders. Twenty percent of our FOCUS Fellows have received funding from angel and/or venture investors. A major part of this program is the annual #FOCUS100 Start-up Boot Camp and Symposium.

A project focused on developing and supporting investments in tech companies from the urban community. See a list of companies that DID formally advises.


A 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization

Federal Identification Number (EIN): 46-3416157

P.O. Box 6654
San Rafael, CA 94903