BRAC: How A Charity Helped Changed The Course Of A Nation


Unless you work in the world of NGOs, you've probably never heard of Bangladesh's BRAC. But don't let that mislead you: the organization has close to 100,000 full-time staff, 8,000 working outside of of their home country. And in the last year alone, BRAC worked to educate more than a million children, and lent money to nearly eight million striving people.

One of the world's most highly rated charities, BRAC works across a host of categories: they've invested in a university, a bank, a seed company--even a chain of boutiques. And as a hybrid of charitable programs and businesses, BRAC uses their profitable operations to subsidize the remainder of the org. But as Afghanistan changes, their goals have changed: today they aim to move more towards commerce, and away from charity. And they are on the fast track.

To read more about this fantastically successful organization, read the recent feature in The Economist.


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