Brightline Brings Accessible Care For Kids To Digital Platform


Finding care for young children suffering from ADHD, anxiety and other common issues can often be a difficult process. Naomi Allen knows firsthand just how hard it can be, having struggled with finding therapy for her five-year-old son. “It was just a black box,” she says.

Now thanks to Allen, there's literally an app for that. Spurred on by her experience, Allen co-founded Palo Alto, California-based Brightline to bridge the gap, and provide families with a virtual behavioral health solution. The Brightline app provides a portal through which children can meet with clinicians to work on problems including ADHD, anxiety, depression, disruptive behavior and more. And this week, they announced $20 million in Series A funding.

To learn more about Naomi Allen and Brightline, check out today's Forbes feature.


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