California Woman Creates App, Feeds 600,000

A 25-year-old California woman has created an app connecting businesses that have excess food to shelters, eliminating food waste and feeding those in need. Since then, she has fed nearly 600,000 homeless. Talking with New York’s Daily News, Komal Ahmad, CEO of Bay Area nonprofit Feeding Forward, called excess food wastage “literally the world’s dumbest problem.” “Imagine a football stadium filled to its brim. That’s how much food goes wasted every single day in America,” she says.


Inspired by an encounter with a hungry soldier who had just returned from Irag, Ahmad started a program at UC Berkeley three years ago which allowed the dining hall to donate excess food to local homeless shelters. The initiative was a success, and has expanded to over 140 schools across America.

Ahmad is emphatic about her cause: “Hunger is bad – it’s terrible everywhere – but in America, in the most prosperous, industrialized country in the world, this just shouldn’t exist.”

You can read more about Komal Ahmad and Feeding Forward here.


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