Canada Lifts 300,000 Kids From Poverty - In A Single Year


When it comes to public policy, there are some issues that tend to be portrayed as permanent, systemic, just "part of the landscape". Poverty often seems to be one of these, sadly. But this of course is an illusion: like all social conditions, poverty is the result of specific choices made by governments, businesses and other powerful institutions.

There may be no better illustration of this point than the story being told in Canada right now. In 2016, the Canadian government began giving parents a small amount of money — a few hundred dollars a month — to help subsidize the costs of child raising. The amounts are very modest, but the results have been enormous: in just one year, nearly 300,000 Canadian kids have been lifted out of poverty.

To hear more about this clever and inspiring program, make sure to check out this week's episode of The Impact podcast.


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