Changing The Paradigm To Improve Food Access: The GrowHaus


Food access in the inner city is a problem that we've long struggled with, and the inability to find anything other than fast food in many of our urban environments is a serious health concern. Thankfully, we've seen some inroads in this area, especially in the world of nonprofits.

One remarkable nonprofit group is Denver's The GrowHaus, which has taken a community-centered approach to the problem. They've considered everything from local food production to education, food habits and food waste, and come up with some truly unique solutions.

Ortilia Lujan Flores has struggled with access to food for a long time. Like everyone, Flores wanted to be able to buy affordable, wholesome food. But she didn't drive, and she lived in a neighborhood without a proper grocery store. And that's where the people at The GrowHaus come in: To see the incredible difference this organization has made in Flores life, read the Upworthy article here.


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