Deborah Shore: Staying Inspired In The Face Of Struggle


Without question, working with homeless youth is not for the weak of heart. Remarkably, Deborah Shore has been doing it for forty-five years, in one of the nation's toughest urban markets: Washington D.C. Raised on union songs in Pittsburgh, PA, Shore began working with young people at the outset of her career, and has never looked back.

Today, Shore runs Sasha Bruce, a nonprofit which funds several shelters, health and wellness programs, and classes for homeless youth. Sasha Bruce is one of the oldest organizations of its kind in Washington, D.C., helping 250 to 300 young people a year.

How does one stay motivated in such a punishing, unforgiving line of work? For Shore, it's about realizing what she has built, and the impact that the organization has on the community. To read more about Shore's journey, and what keeps this inspiring woman moving forward, read the full article and view the YouTube video here.


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