Eight-Year-Old's Cancer Diagnosis Spurs Her To Help Others


Just before her seventh birthday, Jenny Shaw was diagnosed with kidney cancer. The doctors told her and her stricken parents that the tumor had metastasized to Jenny's liver, and would require chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

Such a bleak diagnosis might be expected to devastate a child so young, but Jenny's reaction was very different. The first thing she wanted to do, remarkably, was help other kids in the same situation. Jenny's simple idea was to provide the comforts of home to those enduring long-term hospital stays. It might just be a blanket or a favorite toy, but these small items that we take for granted can make all the difference to a kid forced to stay away from home.

Jenny creates care bags with essential items, and since receiving her diagnosis she has donated more than 200 of them to patients, and raised over $70,000 on GoFundMe to continue her work. And in April 2018, Jenny completed her treatment–and was declared cancer-free.

"It really seemed to be a spontaneous, organic desire on her part to want to help other people — and that’s a unique thing," Dr. Suzie Noronha, Jenny's oncologist, says. To read more about Jenny, see the feature article here.


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