Elaine Kunda Shakes Up The VC World For Female Entrepreneurs


For all of the transformation we've seen in the world of venture capital in recent years, evidence suggests that old ideas persist. Unfortunately, barriers still pervade the space: current figures show that women CEOs net only 3 percent of venture capital, and black women CEOs get only 0.2 percent.

As a CEO in the tech sector, Elaine Kunda experienced a modicum of success. But when she left with plans to become an angel investor, she came to learn how hard it was for female entrepreneurs to get funded.

"It was weird," Kunda says. Many women "were way more competent, capable, and further along in their businesses" than comparable men pitching for VC funds, but were routinely passed over. Kunda was galvanized, and in 2018, she launched Disruption Ventures, a fund created to invest $500,000 to $1 million in promising female entrepreneurs.

To learn more about Kunda and her groundbreaking new firm, read the Inc. feature.


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