Finding the Solution to Poverty with Mal Warwick


What’s the solution to poverty? If we look towards business, we might find the answer in unexpected ways.

Our guest is Mal Warwick, co-author of The Business Solution to Poverty.

Mal is an author, impact investor, and activist who has spent three decades focused on the nonprofit sector. He has been a speaker and consultant on marketing and fundraising for nonprofit organizations, and worked in the private sector as an advocate for socially and environmentally responsible business policies and practices.

He is the founder and chairman of Mal Warwick Associates, a fundraising agency specializing in integrated, multi-channel fundraising and marketing that has served nonprofit organizations nationwide since 1979.

New Perspectives on Global Poverty
In a bold challenge to the prevailing wisdom about addressing global poverty, Paul Polak (Out of Poverty) and Mal Warwick (Values-Driven Business) advance a visionary, market-driven solution in The Business Solution to Poverty. The book is sure to ruffle feathers in corporate boardrooms as well as at the U.N., the World Bank, and the leading NGOs promoting traditional economic development programs in the Global South.

How The Business Solution to Poverty Addresses Sustainable Economic Development
bookIn 1950, the world’s population was 2.6 billion; today, 2.7 billion people struggle to get by on $2 a day or less. Asserting that none of the known players in the field have surmounted its biggest challenge — achieving scale — and that today’s multinational corporations have failed to grasp the opportunities for profit from billions of new customers, Polak and Warwick offer what they believe is the only practical answer to this challenge.

The Business Solution to Poverty Explores a Future Full of Possibility
Polak and Warwick contend that severe poverty can be ended only by an infusion of private capital into new, mission-driven, multinational businesses that provide essential goods and services at affordable prices to the billions living in rural areas on $2 a day or less — and hire tens of millions of local staff in the process. In The Business Solution to Poverty, the authors spell out, step by step, the guidelines and principles of a revolutionary new approach to designing and building profitable, large-scale, social enterprises that supply safe drinking water, electricity, housing, education, healthcare, and other necessities — a method they call Zero-Based Design. The Business Solution to Poverty describes four such businesses now in development, each of which is designed to attract 100 million customers in its first ten years, generate annual sales of $10 billion or more, and earn handsome profits for investors.



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