Focused On Fighting Hunger, 'The Perfect Granola' Thrives


After returning to work following the birth of her second child, Michele Liddle felt unfulfilled, and her work schedule was punishing. Liddle traveled sometimes three weeks a month, and still nursing, she was pumping breast milk to ship it home. Somehow, working while her kids slept, she managed to put together her dream company: The Perfect Granola. But Liddle's product wasn't the point: hunger was.

“We’ve never been about the granola," says Liddle. "We’re mission-first. The granola was something to sell to fuel my other ideas on how to fix hunger.”

And Liddle will evidently stop at nothing to fulfill that mission. She is part of the New York Farm-to-School Program, and works with Foodlink to help expand their workforce development training program, which focuses on those with barriers to sustainable employment. Liddle also works with the Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection, hiring teenagers at risk of dropping out of high school to help with product demonstrations.

Liddle's energy and optimism are beyond inspiring: "I’m going to show my kids how to change the world,” she insists.

For more on this woman and her remarkable mission, check out the recent NBC feature.


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