Former Tour Guide Trains Street Kids As Chefs in Myanmar


Growing up as one of six children in a single-parent household in Myanmar, Ma Khin learned a thing or two about poverty. So when she decided to open a restaurant that trains homeless street kids to be chefs and waiters, she knew she would be throwing herself into a tricky role. “The children on the streets have psychological issues,” the former tour guide says. “Sometimes we have children with criminal records. Sometimes we have thieves....on the streets, they steal in order to fill their stomachs.”

Still, Ma Khin's premise was sound; the restaurant, named LinkAge, has persevered. And Ma Khin is just one of twenty entrepreneurs being celebrated for working to uplift Asian communities, by Channel NewsAsia’s Champions for Change. These include a former architect who helps autistic adults find jobs as jewelry artisans in Singapore, and an entrepreneur in India who redistributes leftover food to the hungry.

Meanwhile, you can read the rest of Ma Khin's remarkable story here.


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