From Community College To CEO: One Woman's Path


Growing up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Aisha Bowe was the child of divorce, and dealt with many of the issues that come with the territory. She had a lack of self-esteem and scholastic problems that led to less-than-stellar grades, excluding her from consideration at a top school. But she soldiered on at community college, and there she met a teacher who challenged her to reconsider her gifts.

Inspired, Bowe was able to gain admission to Michigan University, and eventually her studies in Aerospace Engineering led to an offer to take her dream job: a position at NASA itself. This was a huge opportunity, being that black women account for a miniscule percentage of engineers in this field. Incredibly, Bowe turned the position down at first because of her lack of confidence–but her mentor was there, and encouraged her to take it.

Five years ago, Bowe founded her own firm, STEMBoard, to teach high school students how to be entrepreneurs. She wasn't quite thirty years old at the time. “The mission is to develop technologies that advance our nation and our citizens," Bowe says. "But we do it for social benefit.” For the rest of this entrepreneur's unlikely and galvanizing story, check out the full article here.


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