Getting Personal About Homelessness

Homelessness is an enduring problem here in America, and it’s not unusual for people to feel powerless to change it. In her brand-new Huffington Post, Anita Casalina shares some of the creative things that people are doing to address homelessness in their communities.

The Central Florida Commission on Homelessness is one such group. Their Rethink Homelessness initiative recently produced an amazingly popular video that shows the myriad faces of the homeless in an effort to make people question their assumptions about homelessness.

Cardboard Stories | Homeless in Orlando

RethinkHomelessness asked our #homeless friends to write down a fact about themselves that other people wouldn't know just by walking past them. Their answers may surprise you. To contact Rethink Homelessness, including media & interview inquiries, please email us at: Cover by: Tanner Patrick Video Produced & Edited by: Dave Sirano Ally Hinton Joshua Johnson This content is subject to Copyright Laws.


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