Girl Determined: Encouraging Leadership Skills, Self-Confidence Among Teenage Girls In Burma

An organization called Girl Determined is making strides in Burma by encouraging leadership skills and self-confidence among teenage girls – one of the country’s most underserved groups.

In traditional Burmese culture, women are still widely believed to be inferior to men; leadership roles among women in Burma are very low compared to other Asian nations, and teenage girls are encouraged to be silent and keep their thoughts to themselves. By bringing girls across Burma together for weekly meetings and encouraging an open dialogue, Girl Determined is reversing that trend, fostering solidarity and helping teen girls address things like decision-making, self-confidence, and their plans for the future.

As program participant Dau Naw, 12, explains: “Before this, we never talked to the other girls in the camp because they came from different villages….now, wherever we go, we have friends who know us so we don’t feel so scared.” Read the full story here.



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