Handwashing Stations Fight Covid, Restore Dignity


The last year has been so hard on so many, that the public's attention has often been diverted from the plight of the least fortunate of all: the homeless. Lack of adequate housing has only worsened during the pandemic, and the virus created a new problem to solve, that of sanitation. With cleanliness so crucial in the fight against Covid-19, where were homeless people supposed to wash their hands?

Enter Love Beyond Walls, a nonprofit founded by Atlanta's Cecilia Lester that created a unique solution: the placement of portable sinks throughout the city for homeless people to wash their hands without interference. Portable sanitation units carry five gallons of water and come equipped with soap, and the first 51 sinks were placed under bridges, in parks and other spots around Atlanta where the homeless gathered.

The idea was so well received that the clever units are now in 52 cities across the U.S. To hear more about the inspiring work of Love Beyond Walls, check out this week's NBC News feature.


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