How One Woman Rescued 72,000 From Human Trafficking


Growing up in Shillong, India, Hasina Kharbhih learned about human trafficking early on. Bordering on Myanmar, Nepal, and Bangladesh, the area is deeply unstable, and plagued with the desperate poverty that breeds the widespread practice. At one point, Kharbhih’s father housed refugees in their own farmhouse.

“The stories remain etched in my brain,” Kharbhih says. “He did that as a human being and not a social worker....I understood what you can do for human beings.”

Her father's example proved to be an enduring one. Today, Kharbhih’s Impulse NGO Network has created an entirely new model to fight the problem, working with 1,000 nongovernmental organizations and governmental bureaus across South and Southeast Asia; anyone can report a case to Impulse, which immediately reports to local authorities and NGOs.

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