Imaginary Walls Documentary Helps Mend Racial Divide


In the weeks since the terrible events in Minneapolis, racial tension has spiked to levels we haven't seen in decades. At times like these, it can seem that racism is irreparable, simply a feature of our existence that must be borne on society's shoulders. But this just isn't so; racism is learned behavior. It can be reversed, through education, community and compassion.

One project that has taken on this important challenge is Imaginary Walls, the feature-length documentary produced by our very own Anita Casalina, founder of Billions Rising. Anita has always been involved in filmmaking, and with this film she explores how one remarkable couple in Oakland, California has been helping people move beyond racism.

Kokomon and Aeeshah Clottey lead what they call "racial healing circles", forums where diverse groups discuss their experiences and attitudes about race. Imaginary Walls takes a close look at these healing circles, exploring the reasons why they've worked so well, for so many.

Imaginary Walls has been well-received, and in April, the film was featured in The Lift-Off International Showcases, an online film festival produced in England. To watch this timely and crucial film and for more information about healing circles, you can visit the Imaginary Walls homepage.


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