Magatte Wade Brings Entrepreneurial Spirit Home To Senegal


Born in a small fishing village in Senegal, Magatte Wade left her home country as a girl to live with her parents in France. Just old enough to see the differences between Senegal and France, Wade found herself puzzled.

As Wade got older, she began to notice a pattern: in wealthier nations, it was much easier for people to start a business than it was in poorer nations like Senegal. Since more business means more opportunities for everyone, she asked herself: could the key be encouragement of entrepreneurship?

Wade knew that in her hometown, there were few opportunities to break out of poverty. She came to see that the best way for her to change the situation at home would be to do it herself–and bring the manufacturing of her skin care line Skin Is Skin from Austin, TX to Senegal. And while skin care products may not sound revolutionary, Wade's business is changing lives.

To hear more about this impressive entrepreneur, check out the recent feature story from Foundation For Education.


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