One Principled Parent's Dedication To Diversity


When Ali Takata and her husband moved to Austin from the San Francisco Bay Area three and a half years ago, she was immediately struck by the lack of diversity. "I was surprised by how white Austin felt," she says. But Takata soon realized that Austin wasn't particularly white--it was just very segregated.

Two years ago, the couple decided to move their daughters from the mostly white, affluent school they had been attending to a more diverse school in East Austin. It's a higher poverty district, and the new school doesn't have the same resources as the other school. But since learning about the history of segregation in Austin, Takata feels they made the right choice.

“I felt like I was participating in the hoarding of resources,” she says. “PTA funds, the concentration of social capital and wealth and privilege. I just started to have a problem with that.”

For the whole story of Takata's complicated and ultimately rewarding choice, read this week's KUT News feature.


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