Online Survivor Groups A Crucial Source Of Hope Globally


When the alarm about Covid-19 went out months ago, Marialaura Osorio, 23, took it seriously. She was very careful, following a rigid set of rules and staying locked down at her Austin home. "I was literally the crazy one with this whole thing," she says. "And I'm the only one that got it."

The news of her diagnosis hit Osorio hard. "The first four days from getting my result it was just like, I was in bed having panic attacks," she says. "It was just horrible."

She was looking for hope – and she found it, in the form of an online support group for Covid survivors run by Andrey Khudyakov of Paris. Khudyakov's online community, which began as a way for him to stay in touch with family members in New York, now has over 28,000 members.

It proved to be a lifeline for Osorio. "Being able to post questions on there or read and support each other was just, honestly....that is one of the huge things that got me through Covid," she says.

Osorio is just one of thousands who have found solace in the group; to hear more about this crucial resource, read today's CNN feature.


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