Parkhurst's 'Lemon Aide Project' Delivers Hope To The Hopeless


When Shannon Parkhurst was expecting, like far too many women, she often found herself unable to access the services that she needed. It was an experience she wouldn't soon forget. The challenges she faced during that pregnancy led Parkhurst to found Lemon Aide Project, a nonprofit focused on providing assistance to people in just such dire situations.

In addition to community outreach, Parkhurst's organization provides things like homelessness prevention, a school supply drive, power outage assistance, and help for those affected by wildfires, among other services. Her story is an encouraging one, demonstrating the difference that a single person can make.

Parkhurst recently sat down with our own Anita Casalina for Anita's newest program, Earth 2.0, which explores solutions and practices for a post-pandemic world; you can see their lively interview here.


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