Positive News Moves to the Forefront

Here at Billions Rising, it has always been our mission to share stories of hope. As the mainstream media continues to focus on the negative, the frightening, and the deeply disheartening. we have continued finding and sharing news that uplifts the human spirit.


We recently came across this beautiful article by renowned author Frances Moore Lappé about the power of sharing positive news. The first line says it all.

These words truly convey what lies at the heart of reporting and receiving “news” from the world.

Today, there are changes happening across the globe which illustrate an enormous up-welling of compassionate and brilliant actions on the part of human beings. By focusing on these stories – of amazing collaboration, innovation, education, and entrepreneurial success, our own creativity and positive feelings can expand and we become a part of the uplifting of humanity.

We hope you enjoy the following article it as much as we did!


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