'Poverty Stoplight' Brings Power Of Data To The Neediest


Of all the trends that have transformed business in the last couple of decades, the importance of data certainly tops the list. Major companies live or die by their data these days, so much so that it's now hard to imagine them doing business any other way.

Now the power of data aggregation is being used to address the exigencies and decision-making of the poorest members of society, rather than the most powerful. Poverty Stoplight is a self-evaluation tool that allows families to rank their economic state based on objective indicators, assigning each a value of red, yellow or green. This simple tool gives families the insight to help themselves--and perhaps just as importantly, it also gives aid organizations the ability to see which of their programs are actually working.

According to Martin Burt, founder and developer of the program, poverty is a multidimensional problem that requires the kind of deep insights that data is uniquely good at delivering. “Instead of aggregating data for decision-makers at the top, we do it for decision-makers at the bottom,” he says.

And so far, it's working like a charm. To hear more about Poverty Stoplight and the people it helps every day, read the Ozy feature story.


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