Rebuild Your Life by Overcoming Adversity: Radio Show with Te-Erika Patterson

Te-Erika Patterson

How many times have you had to rebuild your life after a big challenge? And how many times have you done it on purpose — just to test yourself and teach others? Our guest is Te-Erika Patterson of the Rebuild Your Life Project.

Te-Erika Patterson is a multi-media journalist, blogger and inspirational writer who actually gave away all her possessions to become homeless on purpose as part of her Rebuild Your Life Project, an empowerment outreach venture. Then she moved to a new city with no contacts or support network for The Rebuild Your Life Project — Los Angeles.

It’s certainly a bold way to make a statement about self-reliance. Patterson did it to teach other women how to survive an extreme loss and stand up from complete failure. She also did it as a personal journey to face her biggest fear of failure… something she no longer fears because she knows she can survive it. The project was full of joy and pain, success and failure, and the resulting documentary is a gift to all who want to be inspired.

Not everything went as planned. Not everything even could be planned. And many times, she felt like giving up. Probably a vast majority of people would have given up, deciding that it was a bad idea that wasn’t achieving its intended goal.

But Patterson pushed through, turning every lemon into lemonade and learning powerful lessons from every challenge thrown her way. She demonstrated first hand that being homeless need not be a permanent result… that it’s possible to survive, to thrive, and even to become self-reliant in the most difficult of circumstances by being determined and using your mind and heart to guide you.



Te-Erika Patterson creating the Rebuild Your Life Project at Cosac Homeless Shelter in Hollywood Florida


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