Rebuilding Lives… One Sister at a Time

When we see women and their families fleeing war-torn nations, or living in refugee camps, we often feel the profound pull in our hearts and wonder, how can we help? Most often we find ourselves feeling hopeless, thinking there is nothing we can do.


Women for Women International offers a chance to truly do something. Their Sister to Sister program is dedicated to helping women survivors of war rebuild their lives. In places like Bosnia, Afghanistan, The Congo, Rwanda, and other war-torn nations, it is possible to support a particular woman in education, skills training, rights awareness, and other more basic needs as she deals with life as a survivor of war and conflict. Through personal correspondence, you can hear her story and closely follow the improvements in her life.

Women for Women International’s own vision statement states in the most moving words:

Vision Statement:

“Women for Women International envisions a world where no one is abused, poor, illiterate or marginalized; where members of communities have full and equal participation in the processes that ensure their health, well-being and economic independence; and where everyone has the freedom to define the scope of their life, their future and strive to achieve their full potential.”

Find out more by visiting their website at There are many stories of success listed, as well as Frequently Asked Questions about the program.



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