Self-Reliant People Make Things “Not Impossible”

Have you ever wanted to help change the world, donate your time or money, and yet couldn’t figure out where your skills and passions would make the most difference? Sometimes it might seem like an impossible quest… as does the journey of starting an organization and finding people to support it. But not anymore…


Not Impossible Labs is like a matchmaking service for makers and people with important causes.

To get started, create your profile by filling out a username, password, contact email and checking the boxes for the skills you have, then using the sliders to select your level of proficiency (1 = basic knowledge; 10 = total expert). This will help us evaluate which causes to suggest for you when we start getting more cause submissions, and it will help other users know which strengths you can contribute to the cause.

Since we’re in our Beta phase, we’re focusing on three featured causes which you can see on the home page. Check out the causes and see what’s needed. If you have any brilliant ideas to add to the cause, post them in the comments section for that cause.

If you think you can help contribute to making a cool solution, join the team for that cause by clicking on the Join the Team button on the Cause page.

We’ll notify you by email when it’s time to take the next step to make Not Impossible solution.


A 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization

Federal Identification Number (EIN): 46-3416157

P.O. Box 6654
San Rafael, CA 94903