Small Grants to Women in Africa Produces Entrepreneurs


s the sole provider for her family, Daate Inyakh once struggled to feed her six daughters. After receiving a Jump Grant from The BOMA Project in September 2014, her children have never slept hungry again. Daate now runs a small duka in Logologo, Kenya with her business partners and attends adult education classes in her free time to learn how to read and write.

Her dream is for all six of her daughters to complete school and get good jobs. “One thing I like about BOMA” notes Daate, “is that it has empowered us with knowledge. This has been an eye-opening experience for me – I never knew I was capable of running a business and now I am excelling.”

Billions Rising Foundation has long been a supporter of The BOMA Project. Take a look at how their projects have lifted many women and communities out of poverty!



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