Study: Masks, Lockdowns Have Saved Millions Worldwide


It has now been nearly three months since widespread lockdowns went into effect across the world in response to the Covid virus. And though these measures have been a colossal disruption to both our lives and our economies, and many still bridle at the restrictions, two new studies show that they were anything but unnecessary. Indeed, they appear to have already saved literally millions of lives.

The studies, conducted by Imperial College London and University of California–Berkeley and published in Nature magazine, show the impact of emergency health measures across 17 different countries. According to Dr. Seth Flaxman, author of the Imperial College study, those measures have saved over 3 million lives in Europe alone. “Using a model based on data from the number of deaths in 11 European countries, it is clear to us that non-pharmaceutical interventions–such as lockdown and school closures–have saved about 3.1 million lives in these countries," Flaxman says.

To read more about this encouraging research, take a look at the recent feature on the Good News Network.


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