Sustainable Agriculture: Billions Rising TV’s New Episode


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In this episode, we turn our attention to sustainable agriculture. In the first segment, our host Anita Casalina talks with Sam Dolcini, Rancher and President of the Marin County California Farm Bureau. He discusses his work with Land Grant Universities, and the challenges of sustainable food production and the curbing of waste, both at home and abroad.

In the next segment, Anita welcomes Alan Silva, Chief Technical Officer of Feed The World ( and owner of Bright Spot Productions. Feed The World works to end world hunger utilizing an innovative bottom-up approach that teaches families to be agriculturally self-sufficient.

In this week’s Sustainability Minute, Pamela Hawley tells us about ‘The Backyard Chicken Fight’, a new book by Gretchen Anderson documenting the rise of backyard chicken farming here in the United States, and the struggles of home chicken farmers to reclaim this venerated tradition in the name of sustainability and food security.

Finally, in this week’s What To Watch segment Mark Washington tells us about his latest recommendation: a heartfelt Ted Talk given by Ron Finley (, a community leader in South Central Los Angeles who works to nourish and beautify his L.A. neighborhood with community gardens.


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