The Woman's Bakery: Changing Lives In East Africa


As a volunteer working with the Peace Corps in Rwanda, Markey Culver typically ate just one meal per day, common practice among Rwandan families. One day, Culver did something that seemed simple at the time--but it would change her life, and the lives of scores of East Africans.

To increase the calories she was taking in, Culver baked a loaf of yeast bread.

When her baking caught the interest of local women, Culver began to teach those in her community to bake bread for themselves. And when the women began giving the bread to their children, she began to realize the potential of her work to impact malnutrition. Culver was inspired, and when the women began to sell the bread at local markets, she could see her path forward. The Woman's Bakery had been born.

Today there are seven bakeries in operation, and three independent bakeries operated by women trained by TWB. The operation employs 52 women, and is healthy and growing. To hear more about this vital and nourishing grassroots work, read the fascinating feature in Borgen Magazine.


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