The Women of NASA: Redefining Roles In Aeronautics


When she was just a second grader, Nujoud Merancy visited an air traffic control tower on a school field trip, an event that kindled the young girl's interest in aerospace; later, she was inspired by the Apollo missions. And incredibly, today she is working on an enormous mission of her own: sending the first woman to the moon by 2024.

Along with her colleagues Anne McClain and Holly Ridings, Merancy is part of a new vanguard of females in the aerospace industry. She serves as Exploration Mission Planning and Analysis lead for the Orion spacecraft that will execute the 2024 mission, and Ridings is NASA's first female Chief Flight Director; McClain just came back from a six-month assignment on the International Space Station.

All three are working on the 2024 Artemis mission to the moon, highlighting just how much gender roles have changed in aeronautics. To read more about these trailblazers and their inspiring stories, check out the CNN feature.


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