Time To Spare: A Guide To Volunteering In The Covid Crisis


The concept of mutual aid is a simple one: in difficult times, we should all do what we can to help each other, whether we be friends or strangers. Chances are a lot of you have already seen one of the many spreadsheets out there, lists that compile the contact info of people who'd like to volunteer to help those in need.

A lot of resources have popped up just over the last few weeks alone. One mutual aid group started when Alli McGill, director of care at Washington DC's Table Church, sent out a simple tweet: “If you are in DC and are in the at-risk demographic and need errands run so you can limit exposure — will you email me?”

McGill was amazed when her message was retweeted over a thousand times, and spread like wildfire in just a few days. “Instead of getting people who need things, I got people who want to help. I got 2,500 people,” she said. “It’s actually quite beautiful."

With the number of different programs out there right now, just sorting through them can be a daunting task. Happily, the enterprising staff over at Vox have done most of the legwork for you; you can check out their new feature article here.


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