UBI For Single Mothers Less Than Complete Solution


When Cheryl Gray initially heard about the new program, she thought it must be too good to be true. A nonprofit organization was planning on awarding 20 African American single mothers $1,000 each month for a year, provided they lived in public housing. The women would be allowed to use the money however they wanted.

Gray immediately signed on to the program, called Springboard to Opportunities, planning on using the money to pay for graduate school. But she quickly learned it wasn't quite that simple. Like the other women in the program, Gray had little to no experience with managing savings. She could stretch a minimum-wage paycheck, but had little experience with discretionary income.

It seemed the money wasn't enough on its own: if these women were going to make progress and save anything, they would also need guidance and support. And Springboard to Opportunities was up to the task.

To read more about the challenges of this ambitious program, check out the Washington Post feature.


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