Veterans Write Their Stories to Heal and Thrive

The War Writers Campaign is a non-profit independent publisher that supports U.S. veterans. They give American veterans a chance to write their own personal war memories. This writing process is healing and creates a community of support among vets, while raising public awareness.

The War Writers Campaign publishes collections, poetry and prose. 100% of the proceeds from sales of books and other publications goes back to the program, the authors, and to build mental health programs for veterans.


War Writers 2They list 4 Key Areas for Impact:

Assist veterans in telling their own story.
Engage them where they are in the power of therapy through communication.
Empower veterans through written publications that generate royalties, create awareness for change, and provide a platform for reciprocal altruistic giving in the veteran space.
Cultivate tangible impact for advocacy where 100% of proceeds from published works go directly back to best in class veteran programs.

“We aim to build a supportive network of veterans, family members, and supporters nationwide, that will uplift and support our authors. The Campaign will be a sounding board for veterans and their families to reach out for advocacy, awareness, and change in the veteran space and in the community.”

War Writers 1

Please visit to donate or learn more about the writers and their published work.


A 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization

Federal Identification Number (EIN): 46-3416157

P.O. Box 6654
San Rafael, CA 94903