Village Honors Birth of Each Girl by Planting 111 Trees

A village located in Rajasthan, India has established a hopeful new tradition as a way to pay tribute to girls: for every baby girl that is born, the villagers of Piplantri plant 111 trees on the commons. Rajasthan is a very traditional state, and has a strong bias toward boys: the state now has 928 women for every 1,000 men. The new tradition has been a blessing for Piplantri: over 250,000 new trees have been planted in the small village over the past six years. Even more importantly, the practice is changing the way that girls are perceived and valued in the community.

The Piplantri villagers haven’t stopped there, either. Each time a girl is born, the entire community contributes to a trust fund for her that can’t be touched until she turns 20. In return, her parent’s sign an affidavit agreeing to educate their daughter, and not marry her prior to legal age.



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