Walking The Walk: Author Opens Her House To The Homeless


When Annabelle Gurwitch decided to open her house to a homeless couple as part of her work with Safe Place for Youth, she didn't know what to expect. The author had been intrigued when she initially heard about their Host Home Program, which focuses on providing short-term “interventions” for young homeless adults. Wanting to "walk the walk" of her principles, she took the plunge--and the reality of opening her living space to strangers was both enervating and eye-opening.

In the end, Gurwitch's experience was an overwhelmingly positive one. And the Host Home model has shown great promise, both for curbing youth homelessness and changing public attitudes about the problem. And it could be a viable long-term solution: according to Gurwitch, if only 10% of homeowners in L.A. participated, homelessness among young people there would no longer be a problem.

To read Gurwitch's firsthand account of her experience, read this week's article in the Los Angeles Times.


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