Women On The Rise In Uganda: The Abayudaya


By Janet Lipsey

In September of 2017, I traveled to Eastern Uganda, and while there I visited a native Jewish community who call themselves Abayudaya. It was an extraordinary experience, and I met some lovely, caring and fascinating people.

I also came across a bread baking project there run by members of Shalom Women’s Bakery, with the support of Global Village Connect, that benefits Jewish, Muslim and Christian women in the local village of Nabagoye. With additional help from Kulanu, an organization that supports isolated Jewish communities through the world, the women receive ongoing training with the goal of establishing a sustainable income for their families.


By teaching them to run their own community oven microbusinesses, these organizations empower the entrepreneurial local women to better themselves, their families and their communities. As they succeed, more villages will be added to the program, and each community will have the opportunity to decide what type of food they want to sell, and what type of microbusiness they want to create with their new fuel-efficient ovens.

To read more about this project, visit Community Ovens here.
To read more about the Abayudaya, visit Kulanu here.


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