Larry Namer

Larry Namer, Founder of E! Entertainment TV and World Changers Consultant

Larry Namer, Founder of E! Entertainment TV and several other TV networks. Considered a pioneer in media for the past 45 years. President of Metan Development Group. Focused on building media opportunities in China. Metan is a China-centric media, entertainment and technology company. Involved in all aspects of media in china and connects brands to media it either creates or acquires. Offices in Beijing, Shanghai and LA.

Metan has established its position in China as a premier media company developing content across a diversified distribution network including television, online, film and mobile t. The core businesses are: (1)to develop a diversified portfolio of content across China’s distribution platforms; (2) partner with leading local companies to produce content and extend distribution; (3)implement new business models and technologies including e-commerce, merchandising, advertising, and exploitation of international markets.

In five years Metan has managed to get 3 TV series on TV and two on major internet portals. One comedy series, Return To Da Foo Tsun, has already run 70 episodes. That series is based on a story written by Larry Namer, marks the first time a westerner has ever gotten a comedy on Chinese TV. That series was nominated as best comedy at the Asian TV Awards in 2013. Metan has recently reached an agreement with one of China’s top video portals, Tudou, to build a Hollywood Channel. That channel officially launched in March 2014.

He also runs a consulting and development business that examines the effects of technology innovation on the underlying business of media and entertainment. He was the primary consultant to Microsoft’s MITV (interactive TV) project for several years and also provided concept development services to Paul Allen’s Digeo platform . He was consultant to World Digital Media for strategy. WDM is a joint venture of Sirus Radio, Radio Shack, and Dish Network. has done the strategic planning on a dozen TV networks around the world.


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